Francesco Bendini was born in 1996 in Sansepolcro (AR). He lives and works in Italy, between Turin (TO) and Selci-Lama (PG).


His artistic practice includes sculpture, performance acts and video. The works and actions that accompany his research always contain a strong irony and even sarcasm, which, depending on the case, give the work a conceptual air. Autobiographical or intimist elements are also included, but relativised and put into perspective by sociological or historical elements, by machinic or organic processes. The artist works within a socio-cultural context of which he is the product.




2023 Sculpture MA, Academy of Fine Arts Bologna (BO)
Sept 2021 - Mar 2022 Erasmus to Newcastle University - Fine Arts (NCL) (UK)
2020 Sculpture BA, Academy of Fine Arts Bologna (BO)


Solo / Duo exhibitions

2023 InPresenza, Ipercorpo (solo) - EXATR, Forlì (FC) - curated by Davide Ferri in collaboration with Miral Rivalta

2023 Emergere (duo with Ketty Gobbo) - Zolforosso, Venice (VE) - curated by Leonardo Bentini 
2022 CINGOMMA (solo) - AF Gallery, Bologna (BO) - curated by Carmen Lorenzetti
2022 Sì, mi ricordo (duo with Edoardo Sessa) - L’Ariete artecontemporanea, Bologna (BO) - curated by Eleonora Frattarolo
2021 WORK WORK WORK (solo) - Rotonda Medievale, Città di Castello (PG) - with a text by Miral Rivalta


Group exhibitions

2023 Cowboy Crudo - Fuocherello, Volvera (TO) - curated by Miral Rivalta   [ upcoming September 30th ]

2023 La sostanza agitata - Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto (PG) - curated by Saverio Verini

2023 Compresenza degli opposti - AF Gallery, Bologna (BO) - curated by Carmen Lorenzetti
2023 ABABO gallery - Artefiera, Bologna (BO) - stand curated by Maura Pozzati
2023 Hard City - Vending machine Aldrovandi square 19c, Bologna (BO) - curated by Jacopo Casamenti
2022 00:00:08.00 - Plexus of San Domenico, Cesena (FC) - during Scuola Conia - curated by MEC Project
2021 Turn ON - Windsor Terrace, Newcastle Upon Tyne (NCL) - curated by Oisin Stephenson and Iris Ollier
2021 Inside show - Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna (BO) - curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi
2021 Abecedario d’Artista - Palazzo del Governatore, Parma (PR) - curated by Tørø
2020 PhygitArt - Villa Magherini Graziani, San Giustino (PG) - curated by Koinervetti
2019 III Biennale d’Arte Don Franco Patruno - MAGI ‘900, Pieve di Cento (BO)
2019 To be going to - P420, Bologna (BO) - curated by Francesca Bertazzoni and Davide Ferri
2019 Corrente - Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna - curated by the artist
2018 S’io m’intuassi, come tu t’immii - Mostrami Factory, Milan (MI) - curated by Mostrami
2018 Sull’immagine come linguaggio comune - Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna (BO) - curated by Cecilia Guida
2018 Prima il trucco - Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna (BO) - curated by Donato Ovarini


Residencies / Workshops
2022 TAI How to // You too - masterclass in Prato (PO) - curated by Chiara Bettazzoni
2022 MIR - artist residency in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) - curated by Menti Libere with Eva Comuzzi
2022 Acqua che Sale - contemporary printing workshop - Traffic Festival, San Lorenzo in Campo (PU) - curated by Giorgia Agnese Cereda
2022 Building memories with concrete - CO\DENSA OPEN LAB, 8-13 y/o workshop - Cooperativa DENSA, Perugia (PG) - curated by the artist
2021 Equidistanze - artist residency in Filetto (RA) - curated by Magazzeno Art Gallery
2020 LINK R03 - construction of a permanent work in situ - LINK, Bologna (BO) - curated by INPUT


Catlogues / Publishings / Prizes

2023 Combat Prize - Civic Museum Giovanni Fattori, Livorno (LI) - finalist

2023 MUG Emil Banca prize (finalist) - curated by Licia Mazzoni
2022 Apocalypsebananow - Banane Fanzine - N.5
2022 Young Art Award - 3rd edition - finalist
2022 Emergere - A Priori Magazine - N.0 - collab with Ketty Gobbo and Leonardo Bentini
2021 Ducato Prize - finalist
2021 Art Up - Opentour - Honorable Mention for the video GORGOS, selection jury composed by Lorenzo Balbi, Gloria Bartoli, Marco Ghigi

2020 Nocivelli Prize - Chiesa della Disciplina, Verolanuova (BS) - finalist



2023 The Arches Sound Project - sound piece - Newcastle University (NCL) (UK)
2020 Deliverarte - Milano (MI) - curated by Piano A 
2019 The Internet Yami-Ichi - DAS - Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali, Bologna (BO) - curated by Metochè
2019 APArt - Augmented Public Art - creating an AR installation - curated by Net Service Digital Hub